R&B songwriter, singer and rapper J-Luv Da Prince a.k.a. James Jones, believes in the timeless art of lyrical storytelling. With a musical mandate to serve up songs that are uplifting, soul-searching and soothing, he has released seven mixtapes, one collaboration mixtape, and one EP, since 2009, cementing his reputation as the Prince of R&B. Hailing from the small town of Cuero, Texas, James “J-Luv Da Prince” Jones, was first tagged with the moniker J-Luv at the age of 15 while living in Houston and developing his chops as a rapper. By age 18, he had transitioned to singing in the style of R&B crooner Keith Sweat, prompting his girlfriend at the time to tag him Da Prince, which stuck fast, completing his identity as a smooth and sensual player, combining both rapping and singing. He notes, If you know the music of Boyz II Men, R. Kelly, Usher, Jodeci, Ginuwine and Keith Sweat, then you understand the sound that I most admire. They sing about real life situations, with passion and truth in their voices. Such an identity came naturally to J-Luv Da Prince, who grew up listening to his mother’s favorite acts, like Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and Marvin Sease. In addition, an uncle once advised him to follow his heart when creating music, insisting: Boy, write about your life! And in Houston, while living with his cousins as a teenager, J-Luv joined their crew, developing stage presence and poise, while finding the direction that would shape his musical career to this day. His music embodies just about anything you could wish for from the best soul and R&B; J-Luv Da Prince (aka James Jones) performs with a very distinctive sensual charge and emotionality, making for unforgettable verses and memorable hooks. He is emotional and soulful, but not slick: his music is strictly tied with the energy and the edgy vibe that he learned from his affinity with the hip-hop scene.


J-Luv Da Prince released his first mixtape How They Told Me To Do It in 2009, which includes emphasis tracks Get It How U Want It and This Is My Life. Later that year, he followed with a second mixtape Welcome 2 Tha Ro! offering focal tracks I Can Take U There and Sprung On U.” In 2010, he dropped Tha Major Comeback, which fostered regional buzz around Texas, thanks to such songs as Forever More, Promises, Questions, and All Around. In the fall of 2011, he issued double-sided mixtape Sexual Encounters and The Heart Of A Man, which cemented his reputation as the Prince of R&B, thanks to sexy tomes like Take Control (remix) and On My Face, as well as smooth sensual grooves Tear Drops and I Miss You (featuring Yung Joe & S.N.A.C.S.). Two months later, J-Luv Da Prince released his sixth street/online mixtape Tha J-Luv Show, showcasing his original flows and freestyles based on mainstream instrumentals. His Seventh release Pleasure, Love, & Pain came out on Valentines Day 2012, offering a palette of concept songs, including Make It Rain, Panties on the Floor (featuring Babygirl), Love Making, Don’t Give Up and Fade Away. Among the standout tracks that garnered regional props, Close Enough was heralded for conjuring the sensual savvy of his hero Keith Sweat. His Eighth project was released that Summer. Another double-sided mixtape, “Tha J-Luv Show: Reloaded” and “From Tha Lips Of Royalty”. “Reloaded”, was composed with hits such as, “4 Play” (remix) (featuring Mz. Pee Da Baddest), “On My Grind” (featuring Class Act), “Wood Grain” (featuring Mr. Tone), “Sexy Girls”, and a very personal track entitled, “Luv Life”, which revealed his two past relationship problems and welcoming in his present one. For “From Tha Lips of Royalty”, he relied on his experience with the 70′s & 80′s musical talent. Songs like, “When You’re Ready”, “Step All Night” (Stepping Song), & “I Promise” (For All Times), brings in the conversation of Marvin Gaye & The Temptations. He also had a song called, “Faith”, which had major buzz across many small town churches in Texas. Moving on to his Ninth project, in the fall of 2012, just two months after his double project, he collaborated with fellow artist Twizzo. On New Years Eve of 2012, he released a five track E.P., called “Reality Check”. Three hit songs spawn off the project. “Cry Out”, which was a very sensual bedroom song, “Love Letter”, which is dedicated to his girlfriend/fiance in the present time, & “Slip & Fall”, which was wrote on his past relationship with his ex wife. Finally, J-Luv Da Prince’s Tenth project was composed off a particular mainstream artist in Drake. In the Summer of 2013, he released a mixtape called, “#InMyDrakeZone”. Recorded with all Drake beats, this seven track project was clearly a statement, where in every song, he called out his own town for not backing him up, stated names of friends that turned his back on him, what he really wanted from his future, and he even had some confessions in a song, “Say What’s Real”. J-Luv Da Prince also dropped a “Greatest Hits” project in the Fall of 2014 called, “Celebration”. He is currently working on three upcoming projects entitled, “The Association” (mixtape), which every song will be a collaboration with another artist, “Book Of Meanings” (debut album), which is another personal story telling project, and “Sexual Affairs” (2nd debut album), which will be composed of nothing but intimate songs. They are due to release in the fall of 2014.
J-Luv Da Prince is definitely one of these rare artists; a performer who goes way beyond laying down a verse and put some processing on it: He performs music that he lives, breathe and feel. Whenever you hear his voice hitting those highs or whispering those smooth lows, you know it. You know that he is the real deal, and that he actually feels what he’s singing about it. This makes all the difference: J-Luv is constantly working (and succeeding) to raise his profile further within the soul / RnB music scene, as his songs collect views , fans and plays through his extensive social media network. Looking ahead, he knows exactly where he is going with his next musical maneuver. I see myself as an author, meaning that im telling stories with all the lyrics I write, he says. Life and love and all the things that they involve happiness, passion, spirituality and inspiration. Those are the messages that im here to share.
But do not take my words for it, Let his music do the rest of the talking for you.

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